Environmental Protection Foundation

Umweltschutz Verein


Piso (Process-Integrated-Sustainability-Orientation) Foundation e.V. is an international association based in Stuttgart Germany that supports environmental and nature protection. The foundation is supported by scientists, companies, individuals and multipliers, who want to engage and contribute in this area.

The foundation is active in the field of climate and environmental protection, the development of agriculture and forestry municipal areas, challenges in waste management, drinking water treatment and innovative development in the field of regenerative energies.

Its mission is to provide information worldwide, and in developing and emerging countries on the latest developments in the above mentioned areas of environmental and nature conservation, as well as in these countries, a platform for events, seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences around the world in particular in developing and emerging industrialised countries to discuss the societal implications as a scientific level and to allow all parties at all levels of society to present their arguments and be heard.

In order to promote public relations, the foundation is conducting specific excursions in the field of nature and environmental protection in the respective developing and emerging countries for academics, companies, private individuals from Europe to promote sustainable and in particular appropriate technical and social solutions.

A "know-how" transfer is to be developed in order to make use of the resulting comparable questions in other developing and emerging countries.

As a member and with your donation, you can protect nature and the environment world-wide, and act financially and politically independently. Therefore, we will like you to support Piso Foundation e.V. with your membership and donation.